August 9, 2013

Installing ATGv10.2+ on Windows 8 (64 bit) & later

When trying to install ATGv10.2 on Windows 8 (64 bit) you may come across this error :

===Installer UI Mode Error===
Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported
The installer cannot run in this UI mode. To specify the      
interface mode, use the-i command-line option followed    
by the UI mode identifier. The valid UI modes    
identifiers are GUI, Console, and silent.

Let me first tell you how to get around this issue :

Select the Installer EXE -> ATG10.2_394REL.exe -> Right Click -> Properties Menu -> Troubleshoot Compatibility
After a few seconds/minutes you should be able to see a dialog similar to :

"Settings applied to ATG1O.2_394REL Windows compatibility mode: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

The Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode seems to do the trick ! …

Click “Next” and ATGv10.2 should start with the installer which will guide you with the rest of the installation..

Now for the comparisons of the Installers :

The installer for ATGv10.2 seems to ship with a new version of InstallAnywhere which is a Java-based software tool for creating installers or software packages, for multiple platforms .

The ATGV9.x, ATGv10 ,ATGv10.1.2 installers all seem to work on Windows8 without running on WinXP SP3
compatibility mode except for the exception of ATGv10.2 ..

Read about InstallAnywhere  here :

ATG v 9.0 Installer :

ATG v 10.2 Installer :

Posted originally on August 9, 2013